No matter how small-or big-your network support needs, a MetroNet’s engineer is just a phone call away. We provide various managed on-site support service in device level relating to network equipment - router, switch, firewall or UC hardware likes video conferencing, IP PBX systems...etc.

  • Comprehensive AMC -

    We provide comprehensive AMC support for our channel partners. In this contract all faulty equipments including software upgrade, OS, burned, broken parts are covered in the contract. Prices 10-25% of the Total Cost of per equipment (Evaluated or Estimated by our Service Engineer)

  • Maintenance of the equipment will be covered including patch update, backup, configuration except parts replacement which will be borne by the contract assigning authority.

  • This could be a better option for lot of local users. On Site Maintenance will be done at the customer premises by our certified engineers.

  • No matter how well thought out and designed the architecture of your network is, or how expertly the hardware has been installed things come up. Maintenance of some sort is eventually required.
    We have experts to help organizations and their IT teams with any number of support services, from one-time installations to implementing particular features on owned components and hardware.