As managed service, we provide you with a team of certified & skilled engineers so you can benefit from 24-hour monitoring that’s more comprehensive and cost-effective than an onsite IT staff. Our trained & certified engineers can watch over your network such as every workstation, server, and firewall— anything with an IP address— regardless of location.

  • 01 Monitoring

    We use monitoring software to keep a vigilant eye on IT systems, paying careful attention to network hard drives, the most mechanical components and the ones most likely to fail. The first sign of a bad block, circuit board failure, memory shortage or logic problem will trigger a predictive failure e-mail message allowing enough time for remedial action. Other problems, such as malware infiltrations, work station malfunctions, accidental configuration changes and cable disconnects can also easily be detected and fixed via remote network monitoring.

    Service includes:
    1. a single point of contact for all IT issues
    2. on-site hardware and software/application support
    3. System administration (help resetting passwords, creating user accounts, etc.)

  • 02 Maintenance

    We continuously perform preventive maintenance that keeps your network up and running which is diametrically opposed to the purely reactive “break/fix” method, which isn’t as cost-effective because by the time a problem is recognized, productivity has already closed down. The advantage of managed services is that it is predictive and thus an effectively proactive measure.


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